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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ancient Coin Review 57 : Al Walid Bin Al Malik ( Ummayad Caliphate 705-715 CE)

This is a coin I believed from the reign of Ummayad Caliph Al Walid Ibn Abd Al Malik. The design and legends are obviously from Ummayad and there is a year which I could roughly read as " sanah ithnin wa tsien" which means year 92 AH. Looking at the Ummayad ruler list, Al Walid reigned from 86-96 AH. Hence I could safely attribute this coin to him. However the mint place is mentioned as Kirman, I tried to find from The Maskukat Collection website, couldnt find any coin minted in Kirman during that year from the website. Yes I need to do more research. If you have any info on this coin please send feedbacks. Thanks

Below is an excerpt from Wiki about this Caliph :
Al-Walid ibn Abd al-Malik (Arabic: الوليد بن عبد الملك‎) or Al-Walid I (668 – 23 February 715) was an Umayyad caliph who ruled from 705 to his death in 715. His reign saw the greatest expansion of the Caliphate, as successful campaigns were undertaken in Transoxiana, Sind, Hispania and against the Byzantines.

He was born to Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan and his wife who was from the central Arabian region Najd. Walid continued the expansion of the Islamic empire that was sparked by his father, and was an effective ruler. His father Abd al-Malik had taken the oath of allegiance for Walid during his lifetime. As such the succession of Walid was not contested. His reign was marked by endless successions of conquests east and west, and historians consider his reign as the apex of Islamic power.

Walid himself continued the effective rule that was characteristic of his father, he developed a welfare system, built hospitals, educational institutions and measures for the appreciation of art.

In 691, Caliph Abd al-Malik ordered that the Dome of the Rock be built on the site where the Prophet Muhammad begun his journey to heaven (Meraj) on the Temple Mount. About a decade afterward, Walid ordered the building of Al-Aqsa Mosque. It was under the rule of Walid and his father Abd al-Malik that Christians and Jews were granted the official title of "Peoples of the Book" to underline the common monotheistic roots they shared with Islam.

Walid himself was an enthusiast of architecture and he repaired and refurbished Masjid al Nabawi in Medina. He also improved mountain passes and wells in Hijaz (al-Tabari v. 23, p. 144). In addition, he renovated the Christian Basilica of St. John the Baptist to build a great mosque, now known as the Great Mosque of Damascus or simply the Umayyad Mosque (Arabic: جامع بني أمية الكبير, transl. Ğām' Banī 'Umayyah al-Kabīr). The mosque holds a shrine which is said to contain the head of John the Baptist, honoured as a prophet by Muslims and Christians alike (John the Baptist is considered a Prophet of Islam and is known as Yahya). The head was supposedly found during the excavations for the building of the mosque. The tomb of Saladin stands in a small garden adjoining the north wall of the mosque.

He was also known for his own personal piety, and many stories tell of his continual reciting of the Qur'an and the large feasts he hosted for those fasting during Ramadan. He was married to Umm Banin bint Abdul Aziz ibn Marwan ibn Hakam.

Walid was succeeded by his brother Sulayman and was buried in Bab al-Saghir cemetery in Damascus. His grave is still present to this date.

Coin Specs

Item : Dirham of Caliph Al Walid bin Abdul Malik
Obv : La Ila Hailallah Wahdahu La Syarakallah
Bismillah Darab Hazal Dirham Bi Kirman Sanah Ithnin wa Tisen
Rev : Allahu Ahad Allahu Samad Lam Yalid Walam Yulad Walam Yakulahu Kufuan Ahad
Muhammad Rasulullah Arsalahu Bil Huda Wadinil Haq Liyazharhu ala Din Kuluhu walaukarihal Mushrikun
Weight : 2.30gm
Diam : 25mm
Denom : Dirham
Metal : AR
Year : 92 AH ( 710 CE)
Mint : Kirman
Rarity : Rare
Purchased Price : USD


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