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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ancient Manuscript Review 103 : Antique Ottoman Quran Scroll ( 1200 AH)

This is an Ottoman Quran Scroll written on Ghubari script on paper.The heading is illuminated with names of Abu Bakr, Omar, Usman & Ali - Closest Companions of Prophet. The Basmalla is written in red whereas the main text in black. Acquired from Sahaflar Carsisi Istanbul in 2013.Dated 1200 AH ( 1785 CE) by Muhammad Abdul Shahid.

Title Page : Nil
Content    : Full Quran
Date         : 1200 AH
Copyist    : Muhammad Abdul Shahid
Patron      : Nil
Origin      : Turkey
Place acquired : Istanbul
Illuminations : Nil
Calligraphy :Ghubari
Number of lines :
Inks          : Main text in black with Basmallah in red
Frame       :  Nil
History of Manuscript :
Number of folios : 1scroll
Support of writing : Light yellowish paper
Gatherings : N/A
Catchwords :Nil
Dimensions : 370.0 cm x 3.0 cm
Binding   : Nil
Estimated Market Price :
Purchased Price : USD
Remarks :