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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ancient Manuscript Review 121 : Antique Aramaic Syriac Garshuni Christian Manuscript (12th CE)

This is a very rare Syriac manuscript on Tali ElMevlud Ve Nasayih Diniye acquired from Turkey. It is written in Syriac Serto script. This manuscript I believe is dated but I could not read the script nor understand it. .

I welcome anyone who has any knowledge of this script & manuscript to shed some lights.

Title Page : Tali El Mevlud ve Nasayih Diniye
Content    :  Christian content
Date         : 12th CE
Copyist    : Anonymous
Patron      : Nil
Origin      : Diyerbakir, Turkey
Place acquired : Istanbul
Illuminations : Nil
Calligraphy : Syriac Serto
Number of lines :15 lines per page
Inks          : Main text in black with some headings in red
Punctuation: Diacritical marks in black
Frame       :  Nil
History of Manuscript : from a private library in Diyerbakir
Number of folios : 120 ff
Support of writing : yellowish laid paper
Gatherings : N/A
Catchwords :bottom left on recto page
Dimensions : 19.0 cm x 15.0 cm
Binding   : Hard covers bound with fabric
Estimated Market Price :
Purchased Price : USD
Remarks :


  1. Dear Abu Dervish,
    my name is Grigory Kessel and I pursue a research on Syriac manuscripts (https://uni-marburg.academia.edu/GrigoryKessel). I was very glad when I came across your blog - it is very rare to see today wandering Syriac manuscripts! In any case, if you want I could give you some information about this (and other) Syriac manuscripts that are in your possession. In particular the given manuscript appears to consist from the parts of (it is not clear how many, 2 or maybe 3) independent manuscripts of different age that range between 16th and 19th. c. They contains burial rites and other liturgical services as used by the Syrian Orthodox Church (there are many copies of that rite in different libraries). I must say that I know collections of Syriac manuscripts in Diyarbakir quite well (including their history), so it would be interesting to find out what was the original location of your Syriac manuscripts that come form Diyarbakir. Do you have any ideas?

    1. Grigory, I have what I believe is an early Syriac manuscript, possibly Chaldean, Aramaic or even possibly early Armenian? Do you have an email address where I could send you images? My email is frankcoates@hotmail.com Best regards, Frank

  2. Hi Grigory,
    I am glad you stopping by. Can you send me email to discuss this further. Its too long to explain in here. my email is holykhat@gmail.com . Thanks