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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ancient Artifact Review 74 : Antique Islam Malay Bugis Silver Amulet Disc / Chest Ornament / Kawari 19th Century CE

This is an amulet called Kawari originated from Sulawesi island of Bugis tribe.
This silver medallion is inscribed with the word " Allah" in arabic on both sides. It is worn over the neck of a boy or a girl and in pair with one is positioned on the chest whereas the matching pair at the back especially a toddler. Its widely used in the past by Muslim Bugis children. The usage of Kawari is believed to spiritually guard the child from evil spirits and harmful forces.
Their jewellery are mostly embellised with delicate and meandering scrolls depicting plants, flowers or stylized Arabic script executed in the filigree and granulation workmanship. Look at below picture of this little girl in traditional costume of Kawari, chest ornament and  Caping, modesty plate. 
The Caping can be seen below and details on my previous entry at Bugis Caping

The Kawari in my possession is made of silver and believed from 19th century CE.
Measured at 50mm in diameter.

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