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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Antique Artifact Review 87 : Antique Mauryan Dynasty Clay Seal 2000 years old

This is an interesting finding.  It is a clay object which I found and bought along with my Indian punch-marked coins. This clay object could be a coin or could be a seal. However based on the Indradhvaja symbol, it seems in the reversed hence hinting this is a seal.

Below is the symbols listed by Theobald in his 1901 monograph. These symbols are noted mostly from punch-marked coinage in India datable to 10th century BCE

The symbol in the Reverse is called Indradhvaja or Indra's Flagstaff which is an image of a very large tree trunk or pole as explained by Rosalind Lefeber Valmiki in her book The Ramayana of Valmiki.
However I still couldn't find out the character on the obverse.
From my research, I found this character is similar to Kharosti script ( 3rd century BCE) below. It is resemblance to character JHA but with added stroke. Anyone has any idea?

Check below blogspot that display some of similar ancient clay seals and tablets from Indus Valley
Writing in Indus Valley

Item : Clay Seal
Dim : 10mm x 9cm
Weight : 0.6gm
Date : 2000 years old
Material : Clay
Origin :India

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