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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Ancient Artifact Review 107 : Antique Islamic marble/ tile from Essaouira Morocco ( 19th Century) - بركة محمد (Barakah Muhammad )


This is a rare marble slab from most likely the town of Essaouira, Morocco from 18-19th Century. The tile is made from white marble and inscribed with Arabic words, بركة محمد

The inscription looks like  بركة محمد  pronounced as Barakah Muhammad means blessing of Prophet Muhammad.

"Barakat Mohammed" is a sacred term for the inhabitants of Essaouira and you can find this inscription almost everywhere in the town.

The inhabitants of this town adorn their houses, shops, and building with this saacred inscription to invoke blessings.

The establishment of this type of tile dating from 18th century at the foundation of the town by the Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah al-Qatib ( Mohammed III c. 1710-1790), calling about divine protection of the town. He let build a fortress originally called Souira ("the small fortress"). Later the name was Es-Saouira ("the beautifully made, the picture") Today this town is called Essaouira.

Notice the "Barakat Mohammed" plate on the wall upper right (Souk el Jdid)

Compare with my other similar tile but for Jews and inscribed in Hebrew

Jewish Tile Barak

Artifact Specs :

Item : Marble Tile

Content :  بركة محمد  (Barakah Muhammad ) means blessing of Prophet Muhammad.
Dim : 13.5cm x 13.5cm x 2cm
Date : 19th Century CE
Purchased Price :
Reference : Pottery from Morocco 19th-20th Century

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