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Monday, November 7, 2011

Ancient Manuscript Review 25 : Antique Lithographed Malay Quran ( 1286 AH)

This is a very rare lithographed Quran from south east asia. So far this is the only known complete Quran lithiographed in Singapore in year 1869 CE by Terengganu scribe.

Lithography is a process in which the actual handwritten script is transferred to a paper. This Quran lithography was used initially in Calcutta in 1854, in Cairo in 1864 & in Constantinople in 1872. However the first Quran lithographed in south east asia was done in Palembang in 1848.

From the article “ The spirit of Langkasuka? Illuminated manuscripts from the east coast of the Malay Peninsula” written by Dr. Annabel Teh Gallop ( The British Library), she stated that there are only 6 copies of known lithographed Quran which has Terengganu (East Coast Malaysia) influence which were published in Singapore with the earliest one dated 20 Rabiulawal 1287 AH ( 20 June 1870 CE).

I have contacted Dr Annabel from the British Library and she has confirmed that the lithographed Quran in my possession is so far the earliest known copy  from Terengganu copyist lithographed in Singapore.

With this discovery, this Quran was mentioned in Dr. Ian Proudfoot’s article titled “Early Malay Printed Books”.

I acquired this Quran from a friend in Indonesia. When I first purchased this Quran, it was thought that this Quran was handwritten. However after a few tests and verifications, this Quran was confirmed lithographed. In addition to that, I noticed that the last page of this Quran was glued to the inner side of the back cover. Upon removing this page completely, I was astonished to find that it was the colophon! It stated the Quran was lithographed on 13 Rajab 1286 AH ( 1869CE) by Tengku Yusof Bin Al marhum Tengku Ibrahim of Terengganu.

Manuscript Specs

Item : A Lithogrpahed Malay Quran
Content : A complete Quran
Dim : 13" x 8" x 2.5"
Date : 13 Rajab 1286 AH ( 1869 CE)
Copyist : Tengku Yusof Bin Al Marhum Tengku Ibrahim
Origin : Singapore
Calligraphy : Nasqh
Design : Text written in Nasqh script on thick inlaid paper with vowel & diacritical signs in black. 15 lines per page.
Purchased Price :USD

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