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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ancient Manuscript Review 82 : Antique Malay Javanese Manuscript ( 19th Century)

This is a handwritten manuscript originated from Indonesia. No title on this manuscript however I believe it's about the life & prophethood of Prophet Muhammad ( SAW) and written in Javanese language. First few pages were damaged due to termites. The cover is of black leather embossed in a floral design with a flap. The writing material used is Western paper. No colophone however there are a written note indicating the owner was Haji Muhammad Amin Bin Haji Abdullah dated 1331 AH ( 1912 AD). The manuscript could have been written either late 18th century or slightly after 19th century. There was also a sheet of paper pasted at the back cover written in Javanese with date 1907 AD I presumed a receipt  of this manuscript purchase.No copyist name mentioned.

Manuscript Specs
Item : Antique Javanese Manuscript
Manuscript Content : The story of the Prophet Muhammad
Dim : 220mm x 170mm x60mm
Date : 19th century
Copyist : anonymous
Origin :  Indonesia
Calligraphy : Malay Javanese
Design : Written in Malay scripts in black in Javanese
Purchased Price :US

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