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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ancient Manuscript Review 154 : Antique Ottoman Ferman Pre 1870CE Sultan Abdul Hamid II

This is a Government document in the Ottoman era called a Ferman. Written in Turkish some in black and some in gold. A Sultan Tugra is written in Gold. The Tughra definitely belongs to Sultan Abdul Hamid II ( 1842-1918CE)

I dont have much information of this kind of manuscript and its writing tradition. I need to do more research on this manuscript and will update this entry later.
Similar Ferman sold in Christie's auction for £1,250 last April 2015 in Auction 10428 Lot 349
Christie's Ferman

Manuscript Specs

Item : Antique Ottoman Ferman
Content :  Unknown
Dim : 550mm x 250mm
Date : Pre 1870CE
Copyist : anonymous
Origin :  Turkey
Calligraphy :
Design :
Market Price :  £1,250
Purchased Price :US 

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  1. Assalamualaikum.

    Teks bertulisan halus di tulis dalam khat dewan.

    Teks bertulisan besar selain tughra adalah khat diwani jali

    -mubarak easaam