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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ancient Manuscript Review 55 : Antique Indian Quran (18th-19th Century)

This is a handwritten Quran from Indian region. Texts are written in Naskh script within yellow frame. A lot of pages are adorned with gold discs.The first & last 2 pages are beautifully gold gilded & illuminated. It's undated but from the design & illumination I would safely estimate it was written between 18th-19th century.

Manuscript Specs

Item : Antique Quran
Content : A complete Quran
Dim : 10.5" x 7" x 2"
Date : 18th-19th CE
Copyist : Ananymous
Origin : Afghanistan/India
Calligraphy : Naskh
Design : 11 lines written text per page
Purchased Price :USD


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