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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ancient Manuscript Review 99 : Antique Indian Pakistan Quran ( 1867 CE)

This is the biggest handwritten Quran in my collection. Its dimension is 40cm x 26cm x 5cm . Purchased from a friend in Pakistan in 2013. Yes this is my first collection this year. This Quran is undated but there are seal marks on the front pages bearing the date 1284 AH. Text written in Naskh script , 16 lines per page. The unique thing about this Quran is that it has 7 places / manzil with illuminations.

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Manuscript Specs

Item : Antique Quran
Content : A complete Quran with 7 manzils
Dim : 40cm x 26cm x 5cm
Date : 1284 AH ( 1867 CE)
Copyist : anonymous
Origin : Afghanistan/Pakistan/India
Calligraphy : Naskh
Design : 16 lines
Purchased Price :USD

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