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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's up with the New Year 2013 ??

I dont celebrate Gregorian Year due to a personal reason. However since its a start of a working calendar and quite universal one, I dont mind making it as a point where we could look back what we did in the past and plan what can be improved down the road.
Last year 2012 was a hectic year juggling with works, family, incessant offers from antique dealers(:P), sports, personal study & uploading entry in this blog.
As of work, I am pretty much in the groove and will let it roll in its on course this year. I need to spend more time with my family especially in educating and upbringing. Unfortunately sorry to antique dealers, this year I have to force myself to say no to all your offers especially on items I have already had. Except if its a rare and sought after material for example old kufic folio or Andalusian Quran, then most probably I might be considering to buy it provided the price is right.
Since returned from Codicology course in Cambridge University last year, I hardly had time to apply what I learned. So starting this year, I will start updating and reviewing the codicology context of each and every manuscripts I have in this blog. So far I have uploaded a total of 100 type manuscripts. I will start with the 100th manucript and continue till the first entry. If you have already noticed, I have updated the codicology spec of the 100th manuscript. Similarly with ancients coins, I need to do more research and homework to provide sufficient background to justify why these coins are in this blog.
I have a lot more manuscripts, coins & artifacts to upload but I guess I should take it easy. The original intent of this blog is to catalog & to educate so there is no point uploading everything in a hurry forsaking the quality of the information provided.
I dont want to forecast but I am already gearing up for any possibility this year. Insyallah.

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