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Monday, June 12, 2017

Ancient Artifact Review 100 : Antique Brunei Rice Brass Gantang / Measure dated 1322 AH

This is a large brass container used to measure rice. It is called Gantang in Malay language. It measures at 17cm x 18 cm with weight about 3.10kg.

This Gantang originated from the Sultanate of Brunei dated 1322 AH ( 1899 CE). There is an inscription written in Jawi in Malay language,
" Inilah gantang perintah Brunei Al Malik Al Adil tarikh fi sanah 1322" translated, " This is the gantang officially ordered by Brunei The Just Ruler in year 1322 AH).
The Sultan of Brunei ruling from 1885-1906 CE is Sultan Hashim Jalilul Alam Aqamaddin Ibni Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien II.

1 Gantang measured about 4.5 litres (dry).
Similar gantang was mentioned in the book " The message and the Monsoon : Islamic Art of Southeast Asia" on page 205. The Gantang was dated 1239 AH( 1823 CE). Other references about the gantang are in michaelbackmanltd.com  page under items 3281 & 1304.

The interesting about the Gantang in my possession is that is has a lid. Most of Gantangs depicted in reference books and some in museums are without the lid.

There are 2 type of Gantang on display in Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia which dated 1321 AH and 1239 AH

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http://www.michaelbackmanltd.com items 3281 & 1304

Dim : 170mm x 180mm
Date : 1322 AH ( 1899 CE)
Material : Cast Brass
Origin :  Brunei
Price : 


  1. Hi i would like to know the price.

  2. I was wondering the rarity of this piece I recently had just came across tit and now I own one and I have one in my possession without a lid very intriguing lost for words inquiring wisdom of words for preservation and in favor of preserving this most beautiful specimen within my collection

    1. it is rare but not extremely rare that pick up high price in the market. However for Malay like me having this legacy especially written in an old malay language is priceless...