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Friday, December 15, 2017

Workshops for Interventive & Preventive Conservation of Paper, Textiles & Metal ( Zakynthos Island, Greece)

I attended an intensive workshop last Summer. It was Workshop for Interventive & Preventive Conservation of Textiles, Paper & Metal held in a beautiful island, Zakynthos in Greece from 21 May - 3 June 2017. This workshop was hosted by the Technological Educational Institute of the Ionian Islands ( TEI) under The Balkan Heritage Field School ( Bulgaria).
This is one of the best workshops I ever attended. The lab is fully equipped with all tools you need in conserving and preserving ancient textiles, paper & metal.
The lectures were very useful yet I wish we could have cover more in paper conservation which I have most of my interest in. Nonetheless the hands in with the preservation technique in lab is world class.

The first week, the lecture and workshop were on paper conservation. The lecture and guidance were given by Dr Nikolas Sarris from National Library of Greece. I am blessed to attend his lecture because he is well know for his conservation works especially in Codex Sinaiticus & Ethiopic manuscripts.
The second week, the lecture & workshop were on textile conservation. It was lectured by Dr Christos Karydis who is a Conservator of works of art, Lecturer at the TEI of Ionian Islands & University of the Aegean   
The third week, the lecture & workshop were on metal conservation. The lecture & guidance were given by Dr Adamantia Panagopoulou who is a Conservator of Antiquities MSc – PhD researcher in archaeological materials in 'NCRS Demokritos' National Research Institute & Lieden University in the Netherlands.

I have gained a lot of knowledge & practical guidance during this course.
Apart from the amazing course, the venue for this workshop which is Zakynthos Island is a very beautiful indeed. I am mesmerized with the beauty of the island. I am glad that I made it for this course otherwise I would have not seen this beautiful island.
Thanks to Dr Angela Pencheva (Balkan Heritage Foundation & Field School Program Manager) and Dr Christos Karydis (Conservator, TEI of Ionian Islands) for coordinating this amazing workshop.

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