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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Book Review 14 : The Significance of Islamic Manuscripts - Al Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation

Book Info :

Title : The Significance of Islamic Manuscripts
Author : Various authors
Publisher : Al Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation
Printer :
Pages : 180 pages
ISBN :1-873992-05-X

Review :

This is an excellent book published proceeding from the Inaugural Conference of Al Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation held in London from 30th November -1st December 1991.
Its collections of 12 papers presented by eminent scholars from all over the world in regards to Islamic manuscripts.
Below are the title of the papers :
1)  Manuscripts in Historical Research and Text Edition
     by Wilfred F. Madelung
2)  The Significance of Islamic Manuscripts
     by Seyyed Hossein Nasr
3)  Persian Manuscripts with Special Reference to Iran
     by Iraj Afshar
4)  Collections of Islamic Manuscripts in the Former Soviet Union & their Cataloging
     by Anas Baqi Khalidov
5)  Islamic Manuscripts in the West
     by Angelo Michele Piemontese
6)  Turkish Manuscripts and the Publication of their Catalogues
     by Ramazan Sesen
7)  Classification of Andalusian & Maghribi Books of Nawazil from mid 5th to end 9th Century AH
     by Muhammad Al Habib Al Hilah
8)  A Study on the Manuscript Translations of the Holy Quran
     by Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu
9)  Manuscripts in the History of Makkah and Madinah
     by Hamad Al Jasir
10)Some Remarks on Islamic Scientific Manuscripts & Instruments, Past Present & Future Research
     by David A King
11)Islamic Philosophical Manuscripts
     by Mehdi Mohaghghegh
12)Rare Literary Manuscripts in the Library of Abd Al Qadir Al Baghdadi
     by Abdul Aziz Ahmed AL Rifai

I bought this book during my visit to Islamic Arts Museum In Kuala Lumpur few years ago.

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