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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ancient Coin Review 115 : Dirham of King Khusro I dated 574CE - Sassanid Empire ( 531-579 CE)

The coin was minted in 574 CE during the time of Khusru I ( known as Khusro Anushiruwan by the Persian). He ruled Persia from 531 – 579 CE.

This coin was struck in 574 CE. Take note that the Muslim Prophet Mohammad pbuh was born in 570 CE.

Khusro I bust facing right , wearing a crown/hat with 2 stars on his head. There are 2 pahlavi scripts to the left and right of the king's portrait within the borders.
On the right there is a word, HWSRWD = Khusro (Name of the ruler)
On the left there is a word,  PZWT means “ May his splendour increase”


There are 2 attendants flanking a flaming altar with a crescent and a star on their heads. This scene was a symbolic for the Zoroastrianism.
On the right there is a word, FL = Furati Mishan ( a mint city in Southern Iraq)
On the left there is a word ,èḥlèḥl= 44 ( Regnal year)

This is what I found in Wiki about this Emperor :

He was the successor of his father Kavadh I (488–531). Khosrow I was the twenty-second Sasanian Emperor of Persia, and one of its most celebrated emperors.
He laid the foundations of many cities and opulent palaces, and oversaw the repair of trade roads as well as the building of numerous bridges and dams. His reign is furthermore marked by the numerous wars fought against the Sassanid's neighboring arch rivals, the Roman-Byzantine Empire, as part of the already centuries-long lasting Roman-Persian Wars. The most important wars under his reign were the Lazic War which was fought over Colchis (western Georgia-Abkhazia) and the Byzantine–Sasanian War of 572–591. During Khosrow's ambitious reign, art and science flourished in Persia and the Sasanian Empire reached its peak of glory and prosperity. His rule was preceded by his father's and succeeded by Hormizd IV. Khosrow Anushiruwan is one of the most popular emperors in Iranian culture and literature and, outside of Iran, his name became, like that of Caesar in the history of Rome, a designation of the Sasanian kings.[3]
He also introduced a rational system of taxation, based upon a survey of landed possessions, which his father had begun, and tried in every way to increase the welfare and the revenues of his empire. His army was in discipline decidedly superior to the Byzantines, and apparently was well paid. He was also interested in literature and philosophical discussions. Under his reign chess was introduced from India, and the famous book of Kalilah and Dimnah was translated. He thus became renowned as a wise king.

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Date ......... 574 CE
Ruler........... Khursu I
Condition.............. F
Mint Mark................ FL
Province.............. Furati Mishan
Regnal year.............. 44
Approx. diameter.............  30 mm
Approx. weight in grams............... 3.75 grams

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