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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ancient Coin Review 75 : Antique Islamic Fals of Al Walid Bin Talid the Governor of Mosul Ummayad Caliphate ( 731-739 C.E)

This is a bronze fals from the time of Mosul Governor Al Walid Bin Talid from Ummayad Caliphate from 731-739 C.E. It was minted in Mosul. The Ummayad Caliph during his time is Hisham ibn Abdul Malik.

Obv :  Within two intersecting squares forming an octofoil, لا إله إلا الله وحده (There is no God but Allah alone)
Rev: Within square, محمد رسول الله (Muhammad is the apostle of Allah); in margin, بسم الله مما أمر به الأمير الوليد بن تليد بالموصل (In the name of God, which was ordered by the amir al-Walid bin Talid of al-Mawsil)

Weight : 1.22 gm
Dim : 22mm
Date : ( 731-739 C.E)
Rarity : R
Denom : 1 fals        
Material : Bronze
Reference :  al-Mawsil Mint (Album-193; Walker-938; Nützel 2042-2045; SICA-2, 1273; Rotter-6d
 Purchase Price : RM

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