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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ancient Coin Review 08 : Sultan Ahmad Bin Mahmud Shah - Malacca Sultanate (1510CE)

This is a very rare tin coin from Sultan Ahmad Bin Mahmud Shah era. He was the son of the last Malacca Sultan, Sultan Mahmud Shah. He hold the throne temporarily for few months during the abdiction of his father.

Circular tin coin ( pitis) under the rule of Malacca Sultan Ahmad Bin Mahmud Shah (1510 CE).
Obv: Ahmad Ibnu Mahmud Shah
Rev: Al Sultan Al Adil
weight : 2.48gm
Dim : 22mm
Rarity : RRR ( ref SS9)


  1. Hi Abu Dervish,
    Wow you have got yourself a very nice set of Malay gold tin coins. Perhaps we can have a discussion on these matters somedays, as I see we both share a strong common interest.

  2. Slm brader,
    Thanks. Actually I am crazy over it. I have hundreds of them ( including non malays)and Insyallah I will post bit by bit in this blog. Sure we can have discussion, we will enjoy it.I see you have good collection yourself..well done..