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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ancient Manuscript Review 04 : Antique Sudanese or Sub Saharan Quran ( 1005 AH)

This is a handwritten Quran acquired from Africa in 2008. From the design & calligraphy, this Quran most likely from Sudan or West Africa. A similar Quran was sold in an auction in Christie under Sale 4795/ Lot 397 for USD3824.
A recent auction in Christie's an undated 19th Quran similar to this was sold for USD7680 under Sale 11007 / Lot 353 / Oct09,2015 in London.

Scroll down to see the full spec.
The thing that make this Quran interesting is its unique calligraphy typical African & one of the oldest Qurans in my possession ( about 500 years old). Its dimension is 230x170mm. This Quran is nicely written with some African motive decorating some of the pages. Its written in sepia sudani script on unbound leaves.
Interesting to note that there is some pages with strange symbol as below. Is this a Talisman? I have seen similar symbols on my other Quran from Yemen and Somalia.

Quran Specs :
Complete Koran
230 x 170 mm
Decorated Hardcover binding
Clear Sudani script in black ink without bordeer
Vowels and diacritical signs are in red
African Motive on some pages
Copiyst : Yusuf Muhamad Burhan
Date : 1005 AH ( 1596 CE)
Market Price : USD6,000 - USD10,000

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