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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ancient Coin Review 46 : Sultan Aladin Ibn Firman Shah ( Aceh Sultanate 1589 - 1604 CE)

This is a gold coin from Sultan Aladin Riayat Shah era. He was the aged grandson of Sultan Muzaffar Shah and the son of Al Malik Firman Shah. He killed the grandson of Sultan Aladin Mansur Shah, the son of SUltan Abdul Jalil Shah of Johore. This created a tension between Aceh & Johore.It's narrated by John Davis in his journal in 1599 CE that Sultan Aladin originally was a fisherman. He reigned Aceh from 1589 - 1604 CE.

Obv: As Sultan Al Adil
Rev: Aladin Ibn Firman Shah
Weight : 0.59 gm
Dim : 13mm
Date : 1589 - 1604 CE
Rarity :
Denom : Mas
Material : Gold
Reference : A 13b pg 170 ( Jaarboek Voor Munt-en Penningkunde)

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