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Friday, October 17, 2014

Ancient Manuscript Review 138 : Antique African Quran 18th Century CE

I acquired this illuminated Quran from Istanbul in 2014. When I first looked at this manuscript, I thought it was a Chinese manuscript due to strong and bold certain characters especially  ر &  ى
 with elongated tails. The bright handpainted floral motive also a typical Chinese manuscript characteristic.
However the more I looked at it, I realized it is not Chinese's. The are not elongated like a sword like a typical Sini khat. The way it was binded with the use of cloth to attach the bind is typical of African. A lot of African Quran using floral motive in their Quran illumination.
I am comparing this Quran with my Quran from Somalia & Etiopia. The Somalia Quran tends to highlight the word Allah in red whereas this Quran khat more resemblance to the Quran from Etiopia.
I believe this Quran originated from East Africa and it could be Etiopia. This manuscript also has a very strong odor of leather similar to my other African manuscripts. If you have a similar Quran like mine and know the origin please feel free to let me know.
 See below my Quran from Somalia & Etiopia
Somali Quran
30 volumes Etiopian Quran
Etiopian Quran Comparison

Manuscript Specs

Item : Antique Africa Quran segment 
Manuscript Content : Quran
Dim : 23 cm x 17 cm x 2 cm
Date : 18-19th century
Copyist : 
Origin : Possible Africa
Calligraphy : Sudani??
Design : Written in Sudani scripts in black
Purchased Price :US

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ancient Artifact Review 26 : Antique Quran / Talisman Silver Case from Iran / Afghanistan ( 19th Century CE)

This is a Quran or Talisman silver case from Iran-Qajar- Afghsanistan . The Quran or the Talismanic manuscript must be small enough and in octoganal shape in order to fit in this box. The lid is engraved with the word Bismillah hiRahman nirRahim.  See below some miniature Qurans
Ottoman Sancak
Mini Quran

Dim : 55mm x 53cm
Date : 19th Century CE
Material : Silver
Origin : Iran / Afghanistan

Ancient Coin Review 64 : Patani-Kelantan Sultanate ( 16-18th Century)

This is kijang gold kupang from kelantan-Patani circa 16th-18th century
Obv : Kijang deer facing left with tail pointing up . A band around the body. A crescent moon and sun above
rev: Al Adil
wt : 0.63gm
dim : 10.5mm
Ref Saran's : RR (SS57)