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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Ancient Manuscript Review 208 : Antique Quran Arabic Islamic Papyrus from Egypt ( 8th Century)


This is a papyrus fragment written in Qurra ( Naskh) script in black ink. I couldn't decipher the content of this fragment. It is written in Arabic language and it could be Quranic or just Arabic document.Origin from Egypt and purchased from USA with COA. It is claimed from 8th Century CE based on the paleography and the medium

I don't have much information of this kind of manuscript and its writing tradition. I need to do more research on this manuscript and will update this entry later. I welcome any feedback on this fragment.

Manuscript Specs

Item : Islamic Papyus Manuscript

Content :  Islamic / Quranic

Dim : 100mm x 95mm

Date : 8th century CE

Copyist :  N/A

Origin :  Egypr

Calligraphy : Qurra / Naskh

Design :

Purchased Price :US

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Ancient Artifact Review 108 : Antique Thai Silver Modesty Plate / Chainlink Mesh Caping/ Pubic Cover 19th Century CE


This is an interesting silver chain with shield shaped wire mesh modesty cover from Thailand. This chain was worn around the waist to cover private part of infant and young girls once they started walking until the age of 5 years old. Interestingly they did not wear anything else except this. 

From my research, this caping was worn by young girls in Northen Thailand.

I bought this item in Thailand however I came across a website which claimed that this mesh cover was also worn by Muslim babies in Indonesia. Anybody can verify this?

The reason this item caught my attention as it bore resemblance purpose to the Malay modesty disc or Caping as below link :

Malay Muslim Caping 01

Malay Muslim Caping 02

This chain has the length of 38cm whereas the chainlink plate has dimension of 8cm x 8cm