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This is a blog of my personal collections. The purpose of this blog is to educate myself and public in regards to antiquities especially related to religion and calligraphy. I welcome everyone to input their feedback in this blog which they think would be helpful. I do not watermark the photos in this blog so everyone is free to use them as long as they are not used for illegal and unethical reasons. I appreciate if you could notify me if you plan to use any of the photos here. Enjoy browsing!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ancient Manuscript Review 148 : Antique Batak Pustaka / Pustaha Bark Manuscript ( 18th Century)

This is my another manuscript of Batak tribe ( Indonesia) made of tree bark. The bast of a tree is pulled off in long strips and then prepared and folded like an accordion.
I couldnt understand the content of this manuscript however from the book "Illuminations The writing Traditions of Indonesia" this manuscrit is called pustaha or pustaka. It contains texts on the tribal rituals, oracles & medicine recipes.
This manuscript is covered with wooden covers and secured with a woven rope. This manuscript if unfolded is about 252 cm. Dimension is 7 cm by 10 cm.
This Pustaka was written in Batak script and in this specific manuscript only ones who are trained could understand the content. According to Van De Tuuk, this text is composed in the language code referred to as Hata Poda.
See below my other Pustaha

Antique Batak Manuscript

Manuscript Specs

Item : Antique Batak Pustaka Manuscript
Content : Batak Pustaka
Dim : 252cm x 10 cm x 7 cm
Date : 18-19th century
Copyist : anonymous
Origin : Sumatra Island ( Indonesia)
Calligraphy : Batak Script
Design : Written in batak scripts in black
Purchased Price :US

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ancient Manuscript Review 147 : Antique Seljuq Seljuk Quran Bifolio 11th Century

This is one my rarest findings - Seljuq Quran manuscript!! Though it is just a bifolio, it costed me a fortune. The edge of the bifolio was severely damaged by book worms. The Quran was written in Muhaqqaq script in black ink with title in gold. The verse marker was also gilded with gold in floral motif. In the margin on both sides, there are a few gold ornamented medallions.
Seljuk empire was founded by Seljuq Bey in 1037CE stretching from Aral sea region to Iran & Anatolia. It reigned from 1037CE till 1194CE.
During the era, the link between Turk & Persian culture & tradition was fused.

Manuscript Specs

Item : Antique Seljuk Quran Bifolio
Content : Quran
 Dim :  380mm  x  280mm (bi folio)
Date : 11th Century
Copyist : Anonymous
Origin : Anatolia
Calligraphy : Muhaqqaq
Design : Written in Muhaqqaq script in black & title in gold.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ancient Manuscript Review 146 : Antique Hebrew Bible Leviticus / Zohar Vayika manuscript from Yemen ( 18th Century)

This is a part of bible Leviticus ( Zohar Vayika) written in Hebrew. According to the seller who understands Hebrew, the manuscript is written by David Obadia Saadi in Yemen. Undated but estimated from 18th Century.
Zohar Vayika ( Leviticus) is part of Zohar Kabbalah of Judaism. Insyallah I will find some time to write about this bible.

Manuscript Specs

Item : Antique Hebrew Bible manuscript
Content : Part of Leviticus / Zohar Vayika
 Dim :  290mm  x  130mm
 Date : 18th Century
Copyist : David Obadia Saadi
Origin : Yemen
Calligraphy : Ibrani / Hebrew
Design :
 Purchased Price :US

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ancient Artifact Review 34 : Antique Arabic Carved Wooden Window Shutter ( 19th Century )

This is a pair of beautifully carved with Arabic script wooden window shutter. I purchased this window from an antique shop in Middle East in 2014. According to him it was acquired from Egypt. Undated but probably from 19th Century.

Made of wood and each shutter has 3 panels with hand carved Arabic scripts which I couldn't figure out what they means. I hope someone can figure out for me this script.
The border of the panels as well as the shutters are engraved with floral motif.
This window has a dimension of 93 x 63 mm.
Compare the design of this window shutter with my Malay Carved door in below link
Antique Malay Door 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ancient Manuscript Review 145 : Antique Malay Prayers Manuscript ( 19th Century)

This is a small manuscript on various Islamic topics written in an old Malay language. Acquired from Central Market in Malaysia in 2014. Undated but it is estimated from 19th Century.
Manuscript Specs

Item : Antique Malay Manuscript
Content : Islamic prayer, Fiqh, Talisman & selected Quranic verses
Dim :  10mm  x  80mm x 10mm
Date : 18-19th century
Copyist : anonymous
Origin : Malaysia
Calligraphy : Malay
Design : Written in Malay scripts in red & black in Arabic & Malay language
Purchased Price :US

Friday, December 5, 2014

Ancient Artifact Review 33 : Antique Indian Mughal Pandan / Betel Nut Container 19th Century

This is a betel nut container or Pandan originally from India but purchased in Bangladesh.
Made of brass and fully decorated with foliates & animals motives.Its undated but the seller told me it is from the Mughal era circa 19th century.
Pandan is a word in Urdu or Hindi.This container is used to store betel leaf, areca palm nut, lime & dry tobacco.
Compare with my other Betel Nut Container
Malay Tepak Sirih

Artifact Specification :

Dim : 100mm x 150mm
Date : 19th Century CE
Material : Brass
Origin :  India

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ancient Artifact Review 32 : Antique Indian Mughal Padlock / Round Spring Lock & Key 1896 CE

This is an antique padlock with a key purchased from a bazaar in Bangladesh. It is a typical Indian Mughal padlock with date 1896 CE inscribed in Arabic on one side. Made of brass and beautifully inscribed with foliate motives on both sides.

Artifact Specification

Dim : 50mm x 30mm
Date : 1896 CE
Material : Brass
Origin :India

Ancient Manuscript Review 144 : Antique Ottoman Printed Quran 1351AH / 1932 CE ( Kadirgali Mustafa Nazif Effendi)


This is a large size of Ottoman printed Quran dated  1351 AH copied by Sayed Mustafa Nazif which is also known as Kadirgali Mustafa Nazif Efendi.
It's rare to find a Quran in this size while most Quran either written or printed during that time is of a smaller size. This Quran is of 370mm x 280mm x 50mm.
Covers are beautifully embossed leather on hard boards.
On the first page, a table of contents was written and dated to 1374 AH by Jamaludin Bin Shamsuddin. This Quran is printed in black ink with 15 lines per page. 
In Ebay I have seen a smaller size of printed Quran from the same copyist on sale for USD275.
 Manuscript Specs

Item : Antique Ottoman Printed Quran
Content : Complete Quran
 Dim :  370mm  x  280mm x 50 mm
 Date : 1351 AH ( 1932CE)
Copyist : Mustafa Nazif
Origin : Turkey
Calligraphy : Naskh
Design : Printed in Naskh scripts in black 
 Purchased Price :US