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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ancient Coin Review 43 : Sultan Wan Ahmad AL Muazzam Shah ( Pahang Sultanate 1281 AH)

 This is a tampang coin from Bendahara Sewa Raja Wan Ahmad . However in 1882 CE he was proclaimed as the first Sultan of Pahang claiming the title Sultan Wan Ahmad AL Muazzam Shah He used to be Bendahara from 1863-1881AD.
This coin was struck in 1281 AH ( 1864 CE)

Obv : Floral Design
Rev: " Pada awal bulan Rabial Thani ini belanja Pahang dari tarikh sanat 1281" ( On the first of the month of Rabial Thani this currency of Pahang in the year 1281AH /1864AD)
Weight : 73.3 gm
Dim : 73 x 73 x 23 mm
Date : 1281 AH ( 1864 CE)
Rarity : R
Denom : 1 tampang = 1/25 Dollar           
Material : Tin
Reference : SS15  pg 141 ( The Encyclopedia of the Coins)

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