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Monday, December 17, 2012

Book Review 10 : Malaysian Numismatic Heritage - The Money Museum & Art Centre

Book Info :

Title : Malaysian Numismatic Heritage
Author : Contribution from various experts & museums
Publisher : The Money Museum & Art Centre Malaysia
Printer : Atlas Cetak ( M) Sdn Bhd
Pages : 386 pages
ISBN :983-9586-36-X

Review :

This is one of the best books explaining Malaysian numismatic history corroborated with beautiful graphic layout & illustrations. Reading this book could never be boring. For a coin collector, this is a very good reference in learning the history of the coin as well as the history of this country as a whole.
I have seen previous Malaysian Numismatic reference books published by various entities such as Bank Negara Malaysia, Malaysia Numismatic Society & private dealers; the common drawback of these books is that they normally use their own coins as references in their books i.e some references on specific coins exist in some book but might not exist in the others.
However this book is a contribution of numismatic information from various entities, 11 museums, 5 experts & Bank Negara Malaysia, hence making this book almost perfect.
The layout of the pages are very presentable with coins pictures are  arranged in such a way comparison can be made easily.
I recommend this book to beginner and aprofessional collector alike. I purchased this book from Islamic Art Museum Shop for RM220. The best book!!

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