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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ancient Manuscript Review 102 : Antique Kufic Quran Parchment / Vellum ( 9th or 10th century CE)

This is a vellum with both sides written Quranic verses in Kufic script. The Basmalla was written in gold whereas the main text in black. Acquired from an acquaintance in Paris. The vellum originally belonged to a Professor of Islamic Art. I couldn't verify the exact date of this vellum however based on the script (Kufic), I would estimate it around 9th -10th century CE.

Title Page : Nil
Content    : Quranic Verses
Date         : 9th-10th Century CE
Copyist    : Anonymous
Patron      : Nil
Origin      : Near East or North Africa
Place acquired : Paris
Illuminations : Nil
Calligraphy :Kufi
Number of lines :
Inks          : Main text in black with Basmallah in gold
Punctuation: Gold flowery disc to separate between verses.
Frame       :  Nil
History of Manuscript : Originally belonged to a Professor of Islamic Art in Paris. His family sold some of these vellums to a friend. I acquired this vellum from him in 2013.
Number of folios : 1 f
Support of writing : Light brownish vellum
Gatherings : N/A
Catchwords :Nil
Dimensions : 20.0 cm x 10.0 cm
Binding   : Nil
Estimated Market Price :
Purchased Price : USD
Remarks : The vellum is a bit glossy on one side. The ink is black but some places where the ink faded leaving red stains.

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