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Monday, March 18, 2013

Ancient Manuscript Review 108 : Antique Etiopia Illuminated Handwritten Quran Koran 1240 AH

This is the first dated Etiopia Quran I ever acquired. It came from the city of Harrar. This complete Quran was copied by Sadik Bin Haj Ahmadi Bin Muhammad Al Amin Bin Ahmad Malik Bin Sulaiman in the month of Rajab 1240 AH ( 1825 CE)
The first 2 pages were decorated with typical Etiopia motive with water color. 
Another interesting feature about this Quran is that it is not binded. It loose pages were wrapped by brown leather cover with a flap.  Compare this Quran with my Sub Saharan Quran with loose pages :

This is a very rare acquisition because we dont see many Etiopian Quran in the market or in international hands. 
A partial Quran was sold at Christie's for more than USD5000 ( sale 5526, Lot 367)
 Etiopia Quran at Christie's
I am blessed to have acquired this beautiful manuscript.
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Title Page : Nil
Content    :A Complete Quran
Date         : 1240 AH ( 1825 CE)
Copyist    : Sadik Bin Haj Ahmadi Bin Muhammad Al Amin Bin Ahmad Malik Bin Sulaiman
Patron      : Nil
Origin      : Harrar Etiopia
Place acquired : Etiopia
Illuminations : First 2 pages with colorful illuminations. A colopon on last page
Calligraphy : Naskh
Number of lines :15
Inks          : Main text in black with diacritical marks in red
Punctuation: yellow circle to separate between verses.
Frame       :  Nil
History of Manuscript :
Number of folios : 321 ff
Support of writing : Western paper
Gatherings :Nil.Loose leaves
Catchwords :first word on subsequent page in bottom left of recto
Dimensions : 21.0 cm x 17.0 cm
Binding   :Brown leather with flap
Estimated Market Price :
Purchased Price : USD
Remarks : The first dated Etiopia Quran in my collection.


  1. I have a very old Koran. I do not know from where the century. Would you help me figure out from which originates centuries. I will send you pictures. I send you my e-mail: amelapai@yahoo.com

  2. send to my email holykhat@gmail.com

    1. Здравствуйте у меня тоже есть древнейший книга Коран тоже не знаю какого века но послухи идут что она ему не меньше 800 лет

  3. hi, I'm from aras mega (m) sdn. bhd. publishing company in malaysia. I'm preparing a textbook and we need a picture of the old holy qoran. we see in your blog there the picture that we want. we would like to apply to use that image and put in our textbook. May i?