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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ancient Manuscript Review 192 : Antique Torah Judaism Book ( 1861 CE)

This is a lithographed Judaism book, Thora Tom. II. Printed in Hebrew language. I bought this book in Istanbul.This Torah was used by Jewish community in Turkey. Covers made of marble paper wrapped around hard boards though the spine is made of leather. This book is pocket size of 175mm x115mm.This book is dated 1861 CE and was printed in Vienna.
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Mini Thora Tom II


Title Page : Thora Tom. II
Content    :  Old Testament
Date         : 1861 CE
Copyist    :
Patron      :
Origin      : Vienna
Place acquired :Vienna
Illuminations : Nil
Calligraphy : Hebrew script
Number of lines :26 lines per page
Inks          : Main text in black
Punctuation: Nil
Frame       :  Nil
History of Manuscript : Purchased from antique store in Istanbul
Number of folios : 216 ff
Support of writing : light yellowish European paper
Gatherings : N/A
Catchwords : nil
Dimensions : 175cm x 115 cm
Binding   : marble paper wrapped on hard board
Estimated Market Price :
Purchased Price : USD
Remarks :

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