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Saturday, June 25, 2016

LCSS Training Programme on Ottoman and Archival Studies ( London, Birmingham & Oxford)

I attended a short Training Programme on Ottoman and Archival Studies last month at London, Birmingham and Oxford Universities. I am extremely happy with the course and the workshop. All lectures are very helpful in equipping me with basic knowledge on Ottoman manuscripts and archieves.
Eventhough my Ottoman manuscripts are just a few dozens from my entire collections, I took this course with the purpose to understand the method of recording and archiving Ottoman manuscripts. Most importantly, I was there to build a network with professionals, experts, academicians and institutions.
Some of the key lecturers that I met there were :
Dr Fred Anscombe, Head of Dept of History, Classics & Arche University of London
Dr Nikolaj Serikoff, Asian Collections Librarian, Wellcome Library
Dr. Juliette Desplat, Head Modern Overseas Records, The National Archieves
Ruth Selman, University of Roehampton
Karima Benaicha, Head of Library, Al Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation
Celeste Gianni, Library Assistand, Al Furqan
Dr. Marios Hadjianastasis, Academic Practise Advisor, Birmingham University
Lydia Wright, Librarian, Oxford University
Alasdair Watson, Bahari Curator, Oxford University
Dr. Zeynep Yurekli-Gorkay, Assc Prof, Oxford University

The coordinator, Rosa Vercoe has successfully organized this training programme under LCSS, London Centre Social Studies. I am looking forward to attending any future courses which related to my collections.

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