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Monday, October 24, 2011

Practising Arabic Calligraphy

I spent few hours tonight practising my Arabic calligraphy. I took calligraphy lesson when I was in Istanbul in 2010. It has been a while since I did my last calligraphy work. It's a shame to forget the correct proportion of the letters. However after a few exercises, everything came back. Writing calligraphy in Naskh is not that difficult.There are few other script types which are more difficult and require more graceness in the writing. They are Riqah, Thuluth, Farsi, Dewani & Kufi. Insyallah if I have more time, I will write some stuff about these scripts. These are the most popular scripts utilised in creating artistic calligraphy.
While writing this blog, suddenly an idea gushed into my mind. My not creating a calligraphy art using other scripts for example maghribi script, Afriqi script, Sudanese script or Bihari script? I like the idea of creating calligraphy art with Bihari script especially because this script has extincted few hundred years ago. Interesting? I should give a try...

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  1. Yes, you should. I'm a proponent of creating or recreating texts in extinct scripts. Check out my blog gotpapyrus.blogspot.com for Paleo-Hebrew texts.