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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ancient Coin Review 97 : Tampang of Sultan Wan Ahmad AL Muazzam Shah dated 1281AH / 1864 CE ( Pahang Malay Sultanate)

This is a tampang currency from Bendahara Sewa Raja Wan Ahmad . In 1882 CE he was proclaimed as the first Sultan of Pahang claiming the title Sultan Wan Ahmad AL Muazzam Shah reigning from 1882 - 1914 CE. He used to be Bendahara from 1863-1881AD.
This coin was struck in 1281 AH ( 1864 CE)
The denomination of this currency is 1/25 Dollar = 1 Tampang

 On the rim of this Tampang was inscribed in Thuluth calligraphy in Jawi below legends starting from left and clock wise :

فد اول بولن
ربيع الثاني
اين بلنج فهڠ
دري تارخ سنت ١٢٨١
Pada awal bulan       ( On the first month)
Rabiul Thani            ( Rabiul Thani )
Ini belanja Pahang   ( This currency of Pahang )
Dari tarikh sanat 1281 ( From the year 1281AH )

Pahang is one of the states in Malaysia. Historically it became part of Malacca Sultanate in 1470 CE till 1641 CE. It was later ruled by Johor Sultanate till 1853 CE then it became independent.
Below is the location of Pahang in relation to other states in Malaysia.
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Obv : Floral Design
Rev: " Pada awal bulan Rabial Thani ini belanja Pahang dari tarikh sanat 1281" ( On the first of the month of Rabial Thani this currency of Pahang in the year 1281AH /1864AD)
Weight : 73.3 gm
Dim : 73 x 73 x 23 mm
Date : 1281 AH ( 1864 CE)
Rarity : R
Denom : 1 tampang = 1/25 Dollar           
Material : Tin
Reference : SS15  pg 141 ( The Encyclopedia of the Coins)

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