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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ancient Artifact Review 83 : Antique Borneo Brunei Sarawak Brass Kettle ( 17-18th century)

The brass kettle is among the most popular medium of exchange in the hinterland of Sarawak, Malaysia. The kettle is considered as standards for value and stores of wealth and akin to money in most longhouses. It was also used as marriage gifts and land or property trade.
This kettle is made of brass and decorated with animal shapes. There is a dragon shape across the body of the kettle indicating the influence of chinese culture or trading activity in the region.
This is a very rare kettle because of it size. Normally typical decorated kettle is about 25-30cm in height. However this kettle is the giant one standing at 45 cm with weight around 11kg!!
I purchased this kettle from my good old friend in KL this year for a very reasonable price. Thanks ST.
A similar kettle but of smaller size can be seen Malaysia National Museum Catalog page 5. as well as in Malaysian Numismatic Heritage page 26.
I have seen a similar kettle in EBAY selling for USD3000 !!
See my other kettle from Borneo with Arabic numerals :

Brunei Islamic Brass Kettle

Weight : TBA gm
Dim : 45cm x 44cm x 32 cm
Rarity :  RRR
Material : Brass
Weight : 11kg
Reference : The Currency Legacy : A Guide to Bank Negara Malaysia's Collection

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