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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ancient Coin Review 49 : Ingot / Bidor Perak ( Perak Sultanate 16-19th century)

This is a bidor coin from Perak Sultanate as early as 16th century. This form of currency is called tin ingot. These ingots were casted of fixed weight and used for all major transactions in the bazaar as a form of currency.The value of each ingot depends upon its weight. By mid 1850's , ingots were gradually replaced by coinages.

Obv : An ornamental design of four rosettes based on the tampok manggis
Rev:  Blank
Weight : 1100 gm
Dim : 100 x 100 x 50 mm
Date : 16-19th century
Rarity : RRR
Denom : 1 tampang           
Material : Tin
Reference : SS38  pg 199 ( The Encyclopedia of the Coins)

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  1. how to know whether it is the real tampang from the Perak Sulatanate 16th-19th century? I ask because i have one of it...can u give some indicator of it?