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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ancient Coin Review 56 : Mehmet Fateh aka Mehmet The Conqueror ( Ottoman Caliphate 1451-1481 CE)

This is a silver akche coin from the reign of Sultan Mehmed II also known as Mehmed the Conqueror of the Ottoman. He is the Sultan who finally ended the Byzantine Empire with the capture of Constantinople in 1453 CE.

Byname MEHMED FATIH (Turkish: Mehmed the Conqueror) (b. March 30, 1432, Adrianople, Thrace, Ottoman Empire--d. May 3, 1481, Hunkârçayiri, near Maltepe, near Constantinople), Ottoman sultan from 1444 to 1446 and from 1451 to 1481. A great military leader, he captured Constantinopleand conquered the territories in Anatolia and the Balkans that comprised the Ottoman Empire's heartland for the next four centuries.

His father, Murad II, abdicated in his favour when Mehmed was 12 but reclaimed the throne two years later in the aftermath of a Christian Crusade. Mehmed regained the throne when his father died (1451) and began to plan the conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul), the feat for which he is most renowned. In 1453 he captured the city and undertook returning it to its previous level of grandeur. In the next 25 years he conquered large sections of the Balkans. Under his reign, criminal and civil laws were codified in one body of law; he collected a library of Greek and Latin works and had eight colleges built.

Coin Specs

Item : Silver akche of Caliph Mehmed II
Obv : TBA
Rev : TBA
Weight : 0.92gm
Diam : 15mm
Denom : Akche
Metal : AR
Year : TBA
Mint : Istanbul
Rarity :
Purchased Price : USD

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