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Monday, September 17, 2012

Ancient Artifact Review 12 : Antique Persian Lacquer Panel (19th century)

This is a priceless antique Persian lacquer panel decorated with a hunting scene. I cant be sure if this panel originally used to be a book cover or a part of a writing cabinet.  
The lacquered panel depicting a hunting scene with two princes on horses. One is wearing a red tunic, with highlights in gold, and is lancing a leopard. The other is wearing a blue tunic, also highlighted in gold, and is holding a falcon on his gloved hand.There is also a hare/rabbit and what appears to be a fox.
The trees and even the flowers are intricately and beautifully painted. All of this is enclosed within a fantastic border that is typically Persian in style.
This type of painting was often found on Persian miniatures in the 1600s and 1700s. The detail on the faces, the clothing and the intricate detail on the borders are typical of the earlier miniatures.
In the nineteenth century (that is the 1800-1899 period), there was a revival for this type of painting/scenery. This lacquered panel is a genuine nineteenth century work of art in the earlier style.
Dimension : 280mm x 200mm

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