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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ancient Coin Review 51 : Antique Sailendra Gold Coin (7-10 Century)

This is a gold coin from Sailendra Kingdom of Java (7-10 Century).Obverse incused with 2 sesame seeds. Reverse in ancient nagari MA for Masa. This coin was attributed to Sailendra Kingdom but has been widely circulated between 8-13 century in Java.

This is info about the dynasty from Wiki :

"Sailendra (Sanskrit:शैलेन्द्र Lord of the Mountain) or officially Sailendravamça (Sanskrit: Sailendra dynasty) is the name of an influential Indonesian dynasty that emerged in 8th century Java.
The Sailendras were active promoters of Mahayana Buddhism and covered the Kedu Plain of Central Java with Buddhist monuments, including the world famous Borobudur.[1]
The Sailendras are considered to be a thalassocracy and ruled the maritime Southeast Asia, however they also relied on agriculture pursuits through intensive rice cultivation on the Kedu Plain of Central Java. The dynasty appeared to be the ruling family of both Medang Kingdom of Central Java for some period and Srivijaya in Sumatra."

Obv: Incused 2 sesame seeds
Rev: MA ( Masa)
Weight : 0.60 gm
Dim : 6mm
Rarity :
Denom : 1/4 Masa ( 1/2 Atak)
Material : Gold
Reference : The History and Coinage of South East Asia by M.Mitchiner

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