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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ancient Coin Review 27 : King Khusro II - Sassanid Empire ( 591-628 CE)

Date ......... 591-628
Ruler........... Khursu II
Condition.............. gF-VF
Mint Mark................ Gl
Province.............. Guey
Regnal year.............. 37
Approx. diameter............. 1 - 1 1/8 inches
Approx. weight in grams............... 4 grams

HWSRWD = Khusro (Name of the ruler)
Ideogram GDH
Word PZWT means “ Khusro, may his splendour increase”
AFD in outer margin means “Praise”
GD = Guey ( a mint city in Isfahan )
HPTSYH = 37 ( Regnal year)

The coin was minted in 626 AD during the time of Khusru II ( known as Khusro Parveez by the Arabs), the great Persian Emperor ( Iran ). He ruled Persia from 591 – 628 A.D. During the his invasion of Palestine from Roman, he seized the Holy Cross and brought it to Persia. He was also the one whom tore the “daawa” letter from the Prophet Muhammad (saw) in 628 AD in arrogance. Not long later he was defeated and his reign banished.

Sassanid Empire

Family name of the dynasty that rules Iran from 224-642 AD. They claim to be descended from the ancient Persian empire of the Achaemenids (559-330 BC).

Family Background
Khusro was the fourth son of Hormouz IV and the grandson of Khusro I ( Anushirwan The Just ). Due to some political situations, he had to flee from his country and Rome’s older King had helped him at that time and kept him like a son. Khusro II was married to the King’s daughter. He ascended the throne after the murder of his father in 591 A.D.

According to Tabri, Khusro II was the most prudent far-sighted emperor of Persia. Deeds of valor, exploits of victory, abundance of wealth, stroke of luck and favourable circumstances had so bunched up during his reign. It was for these reasons that he came to be known as Pervez which meant victorious in Arabic. ( Tarikh Tabri, Vol. II, (Egypt) , p. 137)
The reign of Khusro II was characterised by the wasteful splendour and lavishness of the court. He was so fond of amassing wealth and artefacts. In the 13th year of his reign, he had 830 million Mithqals of gold in his exchequer.

591 AD : Enthronement of Khusro Parvez as Chosroes II after the
death of his father Hormouz.
604 AD : Started campaign to invade Byzantine.
611 AD : Heraclius offered a peaceful treaty with Khusro but the
latter rejected.
614 AD : Captured Damascus, Iraq and Jerusalem. He stole Holy Cross
from Jerusalem and brought it to Ctesiphon. Permitted Jews
to rebuild Temple Mount
625 AD : Heraclius invading Sassanian territory.
628 AD : Prophet Muhammad (saw) sent Daawa letter to Khusro. The
letter was torn and thrown. (The letter was dispatched
after returned from Hudaibiah Treaty in Zulkaedah 6H/628 AD)
628 AD : Imprisoned and killed by his son, Shiroe

Events in 626 AD ( 4H/5H)
- Bilal Ibn Harithe (RA) brought 400 people from Banu Muzeena to
prophet to embrace Islam. ( Rejab 5H)
- Hussain (RA) birthday on 5th Syaaban 4H ( 9 Jan 626 AD)
- Battle Banu Mustalaq and ayat of Tayamum was revealed on 2nd
Syaaban 5 H (26 Dec 626 AD)
- Prophet married to Ummu Salamah in Syawal 4H ( March 626 AD)
- Ghazwah Zatur Raqa’ on 10th Muharram 5 H
- Ghazwah Dumatul Jundal on Rabiul Awal 5 H

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