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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ancient Manuscript Review 28 : Antique Morocco Torah Scroll ( 350 years old)

This hand-written one of a kind Torah fragment is approximately 350 years old and has been beautifully preserved. The scroll has a distinctive Golden Brown color like many of the scrolls that come from Morocco and these are very rare as well, (see photos below). Torah Fragments like these are seldom seen or available due to their age. Scrolls from Morocco, are highly prized for the beauty of its soft colored parchment and their beautiful calligraphy. These parchments are so prized because they hold their ink well and the letters remain black and easy to read over centuries of use.
The piece measures approx.18" x 5"
The scroll has an excerpt of a story of Joseph interprets dreams
Genesis -Bereshit 40:16-41:18

Manuscript Specs

Item : A handwritten Torah Scroll
Content : Genesis - Bereshit 23 : 11-24:13
Dim : 18" x 5"
Date : 17th century
Copyist : unknown
Origin : Morocco
Calligraphy : Hebrew
Design : Text written in hebrew on thick dear skin parchment in black.
Purchased Price :USD

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