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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ancient Manuscript Review 32 : Antique Somali Quran ( 250 years old)

These are 7 volumes of full Quran from Somalia!! I used to have similar set but was confiscated by Abu Dhabi custom. Alhamdulillah these one were approved by Ministry of Information and released by Dubai custom.Thanks to my friend, D, from Somalia who has managed to acquire these books for me.

This Quran consists of 7 books.I still couldn't figure what type of script written. Is it a Sudani script ( from a Maghribi Script) or is it a twisted form of Naskh script. I need to do more research.

This Quran is undated however I estimated it to be 250 years old based on my previous Somalia Quran.

Manuscript Specs

Item : A Somalian complete Quran in 7 books
Content : Quran written in Naskh ( or Sudani) with vowel & diacritical signs.The world " Allah" in red. 11 lines per page
Dim : 6.5" x 4.5" x 1" ( 7 books in total)
Date : undated but estimated 250 years old
Copyist : anonymous
Origin : Somalia
Calligraphy : twisted Naskh or Sudani
Design : leather.
Purchased Price :USD


  1. My great grand father was a Muslim scholar from Somalia who wrote many Islam Books , many of his books and Qur'an copies he used to have have been looted after the war from our house in Mogadishu and some have been smuggled to UAE. we only were able to get 2 books. Also we found a letter he wrote to the Ruler of Sharjah in 1830 . the current ruler of Sharjah Dr. Mohamed Al-Saqar Al-Qasimi has reproduced my great-grand fathers risalah. I will be thrill to see the Qur'an copy you have and compare to his hand writings to see if this is indeed one of his products. By the way his name is Haji Ali Abdirahman .. I can be reached at awosman@gmail.com

    1. Dear Farah,
      Do you have pictures of some of your great grand father works? The books in your possession are Quran or non Quran?

  2. pradeep yadav
    i have ten thousand manuscripts nd very rare collection
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  4. Asalamu Aleikum Abu-Dervish, if you provide me with your email , insha Allah I will share with you some of my great grand father-s writings... when I looked the hand writing of the Qur'anic books you have and the some of the books I have there is a huge similaties.

    Best regards

  5. I also have a collection of archaic Arabic manuscripts dating from the 13th century through the 18th century. The collection mostly from North Africa

  6. Where we can find now this ancient manuscript of Somali people. Quran.