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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ancient Coin Review 65 : Al Nasir Yusuf Salah Al Din II ( The last Ayyubid Caliph, 1237-1260 CE)

This is a Dirham from the reign of Ayyubid Caliph Al Nasir Yusuf Salahdin II, the great grandson of Saladin the great and the last Ayyubid ruler.

He became the ruler of Aleppo ( Ayyubid) when he was only 7 years old in 1236 CE.
When Baghdad was sacked by the Mongols in 1258CE, the news has terrified An Nasir Yusuf. Some of An Nasir's advisors recommended surrendering to Mongols as the best solution. Ayyubid allies, Baibars & Mamluks were angry with the recommendation and attempted to assasinate An Nasir but he managed to escape. The ruler position was filled by AnNasir's uncle, Turanshah who refused to surrender to the Mongols. In 1259 after a siege of 7 days, the Mongols invaded Aleppo and massacred its population for 5 days.
An Nasir who was in Egypt was kidnapped and sent to the Mongols and executed in 1260 CE.

Coin Specs

Item : Dirham of Caliph Al Nasir Yusuf Salah Al Din II
Obv : Al Imam Al Mu'tasir Khalifatul Mukminin
Rev : AlMalik AlNasr Yusuf Abdul Malik Muhammad
Weight : 2.85gm
Diam : 22mm
Denom : Dirham
Metal : AR
Year : Unknown
Mint : Aleppo
Rarity :
Purchased Price : USD

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